4 Reasons Why a Breast Lift Will Improve Your Life

 If some people are still wondering how come more and more women and men are undergoing plastic surgery intervention, they should know that it has been scientifically demonstrated that aesthetic interventions can positively influence the patient’s well-being.

Researchers from the Ruhr and Basel universities have published in the Clinical Psychological Sciencemagazine a study about the effects that plastic surgery interventions have on the psychic of the patient. They have compared a group of 544 persons who have undergone a plastic surgery intervention for the first time with two other groups. One of the groups (254 people) wanted to undergo a plastic surgery intervention but gave up on the thought, and a group of 1,000 people declared that they never thought about undergoing plastic surgery. The result of the study showed that comparatively with the group of 264 people who wanted to undergo plastic surgery but gave up, the people who actually had plastic surgery manifested a more positive psychical condition, improved self-esteem, and a positive general well-being.

 How to explain the positive influence of plastic surgery interventions

Aesthetic surgical interventions stand for a change in the image of the patient, which is intensely felt by the psychic. This can completely change the way you see life, your personal and professional plans, and, last but not least, the perception of the people around you. This is the reason why it is important for the patient to be ready for all these changes before making the decision to undergo a plastic surgery intervention.

We have seen many cases of patients who underwent aesthetic surgical interventions without a clear perception of the expected results, and the vast majority of them ended up disappointed with the results of the procedure. This is why we also prefer to use the words “improvement” and “enhancement” when it comes to plastic surgery interventions and not “miracles” or “radical change.”

The motivation of the patient and his/her desire to improve his/her aspect is essential for the success of the procedure. However, the plastic surgeon has to assist the patient in forming a realistic perception over the expected results and to be aware that additional interventions might be required in time. When considering the breast lift surgery, and especially if the patient is in her thirties or younger, we make it a priority to talk to her about this thing as she can be confronted with saggy breasts again later on in her life. The causes of sagginess are pregnancy and breastfeeding, overly large breasts, and many other factors, but gravity and aging are crucial. So even if the patient had a very successful procedure performed in her thirties, this doesn’t mean that another breast lift procedure won’t be necessary twenty years down the road.

More about the breast lift procedure

Very few women can truthfully say that they are happy with the breasts they have. This is the reason why breast enhancement procedures are more and more in demand. Women want to have breasts that are proportional with the rest of their anatomy and also perky and in the correct anatomical position.

Generally speaking, the changes in the appearance of the breasts are progressive and usually occur when the patient is in between twenty and forty years old. The loss of breast firmness or the sagginess of the breasts can occur sooner in women who have naturally large breasts or have lost a significant amount of weight in a short period. The genetic inheritance can also be the cause of breast ptosis.

The breast lift surgery can restore the firmness and the perky aspect of the breasts without reducing or increasing the volume of the breasts, depending on the requirements of the patient. However, if the patient has also lost breast volume (due to mammary atrophy, for example) and wants to augment the size of the breasts, implants can be used. If the breasts are overly large, the patient can also choose to have a breast reduction to avoid ulterior sagginess of the breasts.

This procedure, also called a mastopexy, is a surgical intervention during which the plastic surgeon will remove the excess skin at the level of the breasts to be able to reshape them and elevate them to a more anatomically correct position. There is no amount of physical exercise, diet, creams, or pills that can be used to efficiently correct mammary ptosis. The only real solution to get rid of breast sagginess is to have a breast lift.

A common misconception is that the breast lift causes multiple scars that are positioned in visible places. It is important for women looking into this procedure to understand that plastic surgery is all about the aesthetic appearance, and your plastic surgeon will do his best to reduce the amount of scarring and to place them in areas where they can be hidden in the skin folds or easily masked by lingerie. There are multiple stages of breasts ptosis, and diagnosing the breast ptosis correctly is an important tool in deciding the operative plan. There are multiple techniques used to correct the breasts’ sagginess, and the plastic surgeon will choose which one is the most suitable for your particular case. However, not all patients will be eligible for the periareolar incision (the least visible type of incision performed for a breast lift).

To get a clear idea and correct information whetherthe breast lift procedure would be the right one for you, our recommendation is to get in touch with your plastic surgeon. Only after talking to him and undergoing a thorough physical examination can you make the right decision.

The breast lift surgery can certainly bring several improvements to your life.Here are just a few reasons why you should undergo this plastic surgery procedure.

 4 reasons why a breast lift can improve your life:

  1. Your breasts will look more youthful.

There are people who put a lot of effort into keeping in shape and with a good tonus. They eat healthily, they exercise regularly, and they have a good overall appearance. But when it comes to the breasts, there is not really much that you can do to maintain their youthful appearance, especially if the genetic inheritance is not on your side. The sagginess of the breasts that can occur with aging, overly large breasts, or just genetic inheritance can only be corrected with the help of a breast lift surgery.


  1. You will have a wider choice when it comes to clothes.

Women who are confronted with severe breast ptosis find it difficult to find a bra that fits their breasts well and even clothing that will look good, especially in the summer time. Saggy breasts mean that usually, the woman avoids wearing tops that are too revealing or don’t cover the bra straps properly. After the breast lift surgery, the patient has the choice to wear what she wants and has a wider choice when it comes to lingerie too.


  1. No more skin conditions under your breasts.

Dermatological conditions like rashes and itchiness usually occur in women with large saggy breasts due to the lack of airflow at the level of the inframammary fold. After the breast lift surgery, the breasts will be elevated, and the sagginess will completely disappear, along with the dermatological issues.


  1. You will feel good when naked.

Or in a swimming suit,or in a halter neck dress,or in a strapless top. After the breast lift surgery, you will feel good and have nothing to worry when it comes to the aspect of your breasts. This boost of self-esteem can lead to a more active sex life and an improved relationship with your partner. It can be a daunting task to take your clothes off and try to look sexy when you know that your breasts are sagging and look like they are deflated. It can be difficult to look sexy when you are not feeling sexy. The breast lift surgery comes to solve all these issues.





The breast lift surgery is one of the most requested and often performed procedures in modern days. It can provide impressive results, and the amount of scarring can be much reduced, depending on the amount of skin tissue to be eliminated. Even if the procedure will require more than one scar, the breast lift surgery is still a procedure that can improve your life. Among the things that you will enjoy after getting perkier and firmer breasts are a youthful appearance of your breasts and a wider variety of options when it comes to clothes and lingerie. Patients also tell us that for the first time in a long time, they felt good being naked and that they got rid of the skin conditions they were confronted before the breast lift surgery (especially patients with large or overly large breasts).


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