Yamaha Lower Unit Lock

One engine still down, downfall an oil catch skillet directly underneath the inferior unit and remove the two vent screw and that drain screw on some of the starboard side of the reduced unit to remove that old lubricant. Depending on that this temperature of the sky and the outboard, could be take a while. Choose to be patient, until all the specific oil is drained. Look at the old lubricant for whatever milky residue, which is definitely an indication that water end up being getting into the more affordable unit through an injured seal. If this is now found, its time get in touch with your authorized Yamaha Boat dealer for a close replacement and a psi test. Also, check any kind of large metal particles the particular oil or adhering for the drain plugs (theyre magnetic). This would be an excuse to see your dealer, too.

The most standard reason for lower unit cold water ingestion is abandoned fishing line netted behind the propeller. While youre here, remove the propeller, remove any the queue or other debris, and grease a propshaft with Yamalube Marine Grease. Useful prop off from a safe place eventually youre ready also included with it again.

While the gearcase is draining, gather engine oil filtering found on the main harbour side. You make use of the Yamaha really fantastic tool like Pete or on people smaller engines, an easy strap wrench actually works fine. Just you should not disturb the oil and gas sensor located on store shelves just above all filter. Lubricate the entire rubber gasket more than a new filter with just a little fresh engine essential oil to assure a nourishing seal, and after which install by particular hand tightening the filtering system to specification (the procedure and specification on the handset are printed concerned with every Genuine Yamaha outboard oil filter).

Now it’s once again time to top off the shrink unit. Pete winterizes a lot of outboards he makes use of a many can coming from all Yamaha shrink unit lube with a huge pump, nevertheless, you can make use of quarts together hand water pump available off of your Yamaha dealership. Thread yamaha lower unit for sale into each of our drain enter hole and thoroughly pump in lubricant right until it clears weeping from the upper in-take. Pause for 5 minutes to accommodate all flight to escape, then small pump much more lubricant before it happens the in-take hole after more. Make sure to change the gaskets on the vent along with the drain connects (do not ever reuse them).

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